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Our Philosophy

It is the Philosophy of First Class Christian Child Care and Preschool, that early childhood years should be a time when children learn and play in a loving, nurturing Christian environment and having fun exploring and discovering new ideas and concepts. Children are creative and receptive, our program strives to nurture and encourage these qualities in our students. 

Through the experiences your child encounters your child will become more aware of the world around them and stir up curiosity so they will become eager to learn.  During the early years of your child’s life there is rapid growth taking place and important habits and attitudes are being formed.  These concepts attitudes and habits will affect your child’s personality and his/her potential to cope successfully in any environment. 

The goal of First Class Christian Child Care and Preschool is to provide an atmosphere that encourages your child’s intellectual, spiritual, emotional, social and physical growth and development as a whole.  We want these first experiences with others to be successful beginnings to the many years of formal education ahead.  Through the programs at our center your child will develop self-discipline, cooperative work and play, creative self-expression, group communication, development of coordination and muscle control, as well as many other social and physical growths.

Our curriculum includes sharing and conversation time, reading books, singing songs, finger-plays, creative art activities, crafts, and games.  Children have the opportunity to learn concepts like; shapes, colors, numbers and letters, and the celebration of birthdays and holidays. Our center is designed to reflect knowledge of child growth and development, offering learning opportunities that are age appropriate and individual appropriate.  Children will then naturally move to their next level of development.  

Communication with your child’s next teacher will assist our planning to prepare your child to succeed to the next level or school grade.  Our teaching methods and materials encourage independence, discovery and experimentation.  Materials are easily accessible to all students.  Materials are carefully chosen to serve as learning tools for younger children.  Our programs are stimulus-rich environments with a wide variety of learning materials. 



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