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Summer & Fall 2016 Enrollment Now Open

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Additional Services
Parent’s Advisory

Our center offers a committee that provides an opportunity for parents and teachers to share their ideas on different topics and areas of interest.

Social Gatherings

We provide the opportunity for parents and teachers to meet and socialize.  Some of our activities include picnics at the park, field trips to Purina Farms, local orchards and baseball games.

Parenting Workshops for Parents and Their Children

We provide workshops on parenting, child development and the importance of play in the home as well as at the center.  Written communications is very important to us whether by emails, newsletters and notes.   

On-Call/After Hour’s Teacher Availability

Each evening there is one teacher designated to be "on call" in the event a parent needs to be late.  An additional fee will be charged but it will not jeopardize the child’s enrollment as it does in many other centers. With many of our parents in professional positions, this feature eases their minds when they are caught in work related meetings and traffic.

Nutritional Meals

First Class Christian Child Care and Preschool serves nutritious well-balanced meals and snacks for the children. All state and local regulations regarding meals are met. We do provided fresh produce from local growers and serve a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.  Mealtime provides a natural learning opportunity, good eating habits, table manners, nutrition, as well as providing natural conversation with your child.




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