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Infant Program

Our infant room focuses on the nurturing care that babies need to help them develop both cognitive and developmentally.  This is done through age appropriate playtime and  hands-on activities.

Babies also require plenty of rest during the day, so each child has their own individual crib with linens provided by their own family, to give them the comforts and senses of home to assist with bonding. 

  • Infant Room Serves: Infants from 6 weeks to one year
  • Teacher/Child Ratio 1:4
  • Clean and sanitized room, toys are washed daily.  Teachers complete a weekly cleaning chart.
  • Our Infant teachers are nurturing adult care givers, who have children of their own.
  • Daily information sheets are completed and provided to parents.
  • Supplies (diapers/wipes/linens/formula/food) are to be provided by the infant's family, to meet their individual preferences and needs.
  • Parent's complete a care plan outlining special instructions regarding feeding and napping similar to home and to meet each child’s specific needs.



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