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2-Year-Olds Room

Children participate in daily group activities to promotes social skills, build cognitive skills learning reorganization of colors, shapes and counting,  learn the alphabet and pretend play and parallel play and other developmental skills. The teacher balances both playtime and learning throughout the day.  The toys and learning centers in this class focus on dramatic play, language, math and sensory exploration.  Sign lanuage is used to give the children additional communication tools. Children have the opportunity to learn concepts like; shapes, colors, numbers and letters, and the celebration of birthdays and holidays.

  • Two's Rooms Serves: 2-3 year olds
  • Teacher/Child Ratio 1:8
  • Daily information sheets are completed and provided to parents.
  • Toilet training is continued and mastered.
  • Individual cots are used for nap.
  • Snacks and meals are available, special dietary needs are taken into consideration.

Supplies (diapers/wipes/bed linens) need to be provided by child's family to meet their individual needs.

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